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  • 泰鹏智能家居

    Thai Peng smart home

    Build a creative branded household.


    product series

    About Us

    Shandong Taipeng Home Product Co.,Ltd., established in 2002, is a Sino-foreign joint stock enterprises. Under the management of shandong taipeng group, it is a modern enterprise integrating research and design, production as well as sales. Located in Feicheng Tai’an which enjoys the reputation of “an the "land of peach" , the company covers an area of 200 mu with more than 1,000 employees. It mainly produces various types of heat stink, insulating broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows, wicker furniture, sewing products processing, beddings, cover gazebo, stamping, welding, metal furniture, iron and aluminum products, sewing products processing, beddings, cover gazebo, …

    Factory Appearance

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  • The five principl

    The five principles of purchasing&

    Try to think about it from a baby's point of view and ask for his advice. Have you ever asked for babies’ advice when you're setting up the little world for them? You should know that kids over 3 years old are starting to have their own ideas! Therefore, respecting for baby's preference for space, color and furniture will make them aware of their importance and train their independence earlier.
  • Choosing a Baby&#

    Choosing a Baby Crib requires

    Try to choose a cylindrical fence. The distance between the two bars should not exceed 6 cm (this is the new standard number) to prevent the baby from sticking its head out of from the middle. Some mothers like a more complex, carved crib, in fact, such bed is not safe for children. Because of the column or the decoration of the bed is easy to hook the child's clothing. That causes injury when the child is struggling to break free the crib.
  • How to maintain&#

    How to maintain the gazebo aft

    After cleaning, let it dry in the cool place, and do not bake it or exposure to the sun in case of degumming and accelerating the aging. Non-professional labor rubber shoes should not contact with acid base, salt and other chemical substances to avoid corrosion degummingn or deformation. The force should be gentle and uniform when you are cleaning. Do not brush to avoid short - line, or brush off the design of the shoe body and decorative parts. Avoid contact with sharp and sharp objects to prevent scratches.
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    Address:No.136 Industray One Road, Feicheng City, Shandong Province, China

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